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Dorset Independent Photographers Exhibition 2024.jpg

Tim Edwards

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our friend and Dorset Independent Photographers founder Tim Edwards, who died in September 2023 after a long battle with COPD. 

Tim founded DIP in the 80s. This small group, its size dependent on the number of photographers who could sit comfortably in a room and look at photographs, has had quite a few members in the interim 40 years. Tim was there throughout all of this, a real achievement. The most important part of the evening is the sharing and critiquing of each other’s work. What everybody craved was a seal of approval of their work from Tim. More often than not “Not for me” is what you heard from him. This would be justified with a fair and detailed critique.

Those familiar with Tim’s work will be aware of his ability to produce superb abstract landscapes from the most mundane objects.  Dorset Independent Photographers  are having their Summer Exhibition in Symondsbury (Bridport) in August 2024, and we will be exhibiting Tim’s work – do come along to see it.

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