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Paul Clarke 


I returned to my interest in photography a few years ago to discover a new and unfamiliar ‘digital world’. Being mainly self taught, I initially found the medium challenging and frustrating but eventually liberating.

My photographic interests are varied but I do keep coming back to my favourite areas of urban, documentary and travel photography, with an emphasis on people in their local environments.

I am less interested in getting my images ‘technically’ correct than actually taking pictures that record a moment in time, the overall impact of that image and the story it may tell.

I enjoy looking at other photographers images and learning about their interests and the processes they go though. Being a member of the Dorset Independent Photographers is a real bonus in this respect.

In pursuing my interests I do a lot of walking which helps to keep me fit, although I tend to get through a lot of footwear !



out in the street - India

out in the street - UK

out in the street - USA

out in the street - Havana

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